Colin has a most agreeable way of shaking people up so they gradually realise that their brains have been asleep for ages, perhaps a whole lifetime. Spending time with Colin is to realise that each of us has our very own Aladdin’s cave of wonderful ideas and he is able to help us find the light switch.

Roy Banks
Independent Consultant

Colin’s programmes offer a highly experiential and very different approach to self-discovery. The sessions are held in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment, provoking deep thoughtful reflection, and enabling exploration of change and choice. Always a magical experience from the wizard himself.

Mariella Cook
Independent Consultant

Colin helps you see…possibilities. He is a remarkable teacher, facilitator, thinker and much more. Through studying NLP and the Enneagram with Colin I’ve come to recognise how much ‘more’ I am than I previously thought. And that’s a wonderfully empowering place to be! Thank you Colin for lightening my way.

Ruth Juby
The Juby Partnership Limited

Colin Blundell constantly criss-crosses that difficult and sometimes dangerous inner terrain of the mind. Like those wily survivalists who thrive in the most hostile surroundings, he knows how to fend for himself and, more importantly, for the students he guides. People who know him say he is an ancient wizard and they may be on to something. You will delight at his mastery of timeless truths, and, when you question him deeper, the enigmatic answers that he gives to trip you out of your everyday beliefs so you confront a new world of dazzling possibilities. He is quirky, funny and passionate, occasionally blustering, and always challenges you to understand yourself and others better so you can thrive too. You’ll love him and what he does; I do.

Mick Carroll
Mick Carroll Consulting Ltd

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