Aneurin Bevan and the Spirit of 1945 (R7)

Politicians and the Objective Truth I cherish the illusion that there might have been a time when a few politicians could be said to have subscribed to The Truth—which has something to do with absolute integrity and commitment to facilitating a Good Life for all human beings. This would rule out all those politicians with […]


An Imaginary Beast Called ‘The Deficit’ There’s a Global Capitalist Conspiracy to reduce welfare and public services. Who knows where & when it started? Who is running it? What is its intention? Simple! To put even more money into the hands of the wealthy. One is beginning to notice the results: the wealthier are getting […]


As it’s currently organised Capitalism is failing humanity… It does not have to be like that… I was on a train the other day reading an old book published in 1913 (@ 1/- net—a shilling in proper money—5p to younger UK readers—1/5th of a dollar exchange in 1950) that’s been in my library waiting to […]