Two More Poems

to weigh an anchor was once a matter of pushing a capstan & singing a song while on top of it sat a man playing the fiddle or the flute or some other instrument of music you & I have seen it in pictures; our sons will say that they wish they had seen it […]


As it’s currently organised Capitalism is failing humanity… It does not have to be like that… I was on a train the other day reading an old book published in 1913 (@ 1/- net—a shilling in proper money—5p to younger UK readers—1/5th of a dollar exchange in 1950) that’s been in my library waiting to […]

Three Poems (R6)

the soul can either build of itself a work of art or sit and watch the Barbarian inversion of old certitudes— mask of Evil that entices into the wilderness of the future; or it rides out of the Wasteland tramples the vineyards demolishes the shrines giving over soil to sand and the mind to this […]