Aneurin Bevan and the Spirit of 1945 (R7)

Politicians and the Objective Truth I cherish the illusion that there might have been a time when a few politicians could be said to have subscribed to The Truth—which has something to do with absolute integrity and commitment to facilitating a Good Life for all human beings. This would rule out all those politicians with […]


An Imaginary Beast Called ‘The Deficit’ There’s a Global Capitalist Conspiracy to reduce welfare and public services. Who knows where & when it started? Who is running it? What is its intention? Simple! To put even more money into the hands of the wealthy. One is beginning to notice the results: the wealthier are getting […]

Gable Ends and the Demiurge (R10)

Bunter Brown At Kingston Grammar School (1949-1954) ‘Bunter’ Brown taught us Ancient Greek. You could see when he was not too sure whether he was actually succeeding in teaching us the ins and outs of irregular verbs and Xenophon’s glittering strategic excitements or Socrates’ Defence because he would start to chew the inside of his […]

Staggering Statistics (R8)

If They Had Anything about Them the Super-rich would Annihilate the So-called Deficit Overnight… But they and their representatives have successfully fooled us into thinking that we are living in a time of Austerity with the endless promise that Good Times are round the corner. I well remember Stafford Cripps, then Chancellor, saying just this […]

Iceland has Gone Wild! (R8)

Austerity is Not the Norm …the Icelandic economy is recovering faster and more effectively than any other economy… Google ‘Iceland’s Revolution’ and think about what you find there… You won’t have heard about it unless you’re a keen observer of the Icelandic scene. I’m not. But idly picking up something from Facebook the other day […]