The Happy Life (R7)

‘How foolish is that business man who does not sell out and retire to a small country cottage with his little income of a pound or twenty-five shillings a week, where he could eat, sleep and read in peace and walk abroad admiring Nature. Thousands of businessmen could do this and would if they were […]

The Great Chain of Being (R7)

There is a certain something-or-other one might call a Whole, a Great Chain of Being, a Grand Undifferentiation, everything connected up together while seeming to be separated, the step-on-a-butterfly-in-Outer-Mongolia-and-a -little-lad-in-Birmingham-falls-off-his-bicycle syndrome. You can easily get the feeling of the Great Unity of All Being by stepping outside of a spring night to gaze up at […]

A Gigantic System of Systems (R6)

The Enneagram In the gigantic system of systems known as the Enneagram which depicts nine basic personality types and countless sub-types which I prefer to call ‘fixations’ since what is fixated can always be unfixed—which is the object of the system’s dynamic—I settle for the time being on defining myself as a ‘hoarder’; of musical […]


RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN PEOPLE —LOOKED AT FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THEIR FIXATIONS This is based on elements reported to me; it goes into an invented Case Study freely elaborated with amendments by the willing reporter. A whole big study is waiting to be done so as to draw up the ramifications of Fixation-relatedness. Nothing […]


STATES AND ‘MULTIPLE-I’S Starting Point Reading-I is deep in Antonio Damasio’s Descartes Error. Getting to page 87 it came across this:- In the discussion ahead there are many references to ‘body states’and ‘mind states’. Living organisms are changing continuously, assuming a succession of ‘states’, each defined by varied patterns of ongoing activity in all of […]


I think it’s reallyimportant to keep going over the characteristics of what I take to be my Fixation and to work at strategies for unfixing things. For example, I identify strongly with 5/4—a practised expert over many years at Being uniquely & wistfully melancholic and only too happy to Withdraw into a bookish world. Assuming […]