Life Coaching

Constantly nagged by the feeling that there must be something more to life than this?
Lost your sense of direction?
Lacking a focus?
Feeling jangled and overwhelmed by what you call ‘problems’?
Lost your goals?
Upset by the opportunities you feel you’ve missed?
Feel in need of getting a grip on life?
Want new purposes?

You can develop the art of making small changes step by step that will easily help you to make a difference to the way you are, the way you feel about yourself and others and to getting all the extra things you’d really like to achieve in life, both home and away.

And the great news is that what you need is already in you — it just needs bringing out. So perhaps you’d like to ask the question: just what is there waiting to bubble up?

In combination with the techniques of NLP, I have developed a very simple well-tried and tested process that will swiftly get you to identify where you’d like to go, who you’d like to be, what shifts might be useful in the way of beliefs about yourself and the world in general, and what you can already do that could be extended into other fields. You’ll also be able to identify what’s stopping you getting what you want so that you can build up strategies for the future.

Many Life Coaches work by telephone; I prefer to work face-to-face and, if you cannot get to me, I’d be prepared to come to you, by arrangement.

Course Information

  • Venue: At my house – £30 a night
  • Investment: £100 for as long as it takes…
  • Catering: Lunches & refreshments provided when you choose to visit me
  • Further details via WordPress

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