Creative Writing

there was a time

when I believed that poems came out
complete like a baby with pony-tail
train-set Visa card hockey stick
and jangling a big bunch of keys;
that you did not tinker for fear
of losing the original tomb-stone words

indeed that tinkering was a cheat
and a fraud if – the poem did not howl
down the grooves of time and the universe
forged to symmetry on an unspecified
somebody’s anvil then it should never
see the light of day but now

(as who pays 10K at Christies – bargain –
for my pile of notebooks will discover)
I bull-doze the landscape of my poems
crazy as any bloated developer or Canadian Army
ganging up on Mohawk Indians to convert
their Sacred Lands into a golf course


Want to write? Stuck in a groove, suffering from what they like to call ‘Writer’s Block’?

Learn how to bull-doze the landscape of your poems, how to tinker with your first thoughts… And before that how to generate ideas.

I use a number of easily learned techniques to help people generate and work on ideas for poems and pieces of creative writing.

Find out where the best place is for you to start writing…

Find the parts of your self that will most easily generate ideas for writing…

I’m happy to do a bit of on-line coaching.

One thought on “Creative Writing

  1. Colin, we love that you’ve written about your years at Kingston Grammar School so much! We have lost touch with you over the years but please do drop us a line! We can be contacted at the School on: we can be sure to send you newsletters and the like then.

    Best wishes,
    Katie Raymond
    Alumni Officer
    Kingston Grammar School

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