Two Mid-winter Poems

these last few nights of clear skies & sudden gusts of wind when the moon has been more or less full on the dozing fields I am haunted by a question posed by the title of a book I’ve been reading: who built the moon? it sails around my midnight drawbridge up there outside the […]

Romanian Idyll (R10)

In September 1994 I went to Romania to attend an International Haiku Conference. It was a very memorable time. wanting to pocket the sound of this Black Sea dawn I must turn my back The highlight for me was a performance of two of my musical settings of haiku by David Cobb and James Kirkup. […]

Poems – Spring 2013

              on an afternoon walk to Oddicombe Slope one ‘Monday the 7th’ in the 1930’s— sat at ease on a sandy bank in his holiday suit and polished boots   adjacent to a clump of spur valerian comfortable veined hands clasped like mine now sometimes with a balding smirk for […]


The Previous Glob The Glob before this one, called Follow Your Bliss, had a sub-headline ‘Each of Us is a Completely Unique Creature…’ a quotation from the chapter entitled ‘The Hero’s Adventure’ in Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. His fundamental belief is that we are all unique in the way that we are heroes—but […]


Each of Us is a Completely Unique Creature… Yeah, yeah, yeah… A good old namby-pamby liberal belief.  But what exactly are the ramifications of such a belief? Politicians of the Right get away with murder claiming to be supportive of the individual against what they call ‘The State’ while secretly operating to strengthen the insidious […]

at the mention of anarchism

Herbert Read’s Poetry and Anarchism was first published in 1938 when I was one year old. I consumed it in the 1960’s—it became a part of me then. Having a clearout the other day I came across a slim volume containing a long poem I derived from Herbert Read’s great book sometime in the early […]

From ‘Pseudo-Clarities’

somehow nature performs an alchemical feat— it has genes to support this fragile structure of unique experience—emergent property of DNA;    it’s the senseless universe’s way of becoming conscious of itself: our eyes exist to help the universe to see just what it looks like in moonlight & in high summer;  our ears help it to […]