The Knight of Faith (R11)

When you’re tackling a new set of ideas or coming to terms with a new way of thinking you can choose either to suspend disbelief or refuse to read on in a dismissive kind of way; on the sound Charles Fortian principle that anything dreamed up by human beings is worthy of consideration, I like […]

at the mention of anarchism

Herbert Read’s Poetry and Anarchism was first published in 1938 when I was one year old. I consumed it in the 1960’s—it became a part of me then. Having a clearout the other day I came across a slim volume containing a long poem I derived from Herbert Read’s great book sometime in the early […]

More Found Poems

a huge moth-like thing fluttering round the sun for its candle likely to be eventually drawn into it and consumed so that the velocity changed into heat may cause the extinction of the human race due around 1897 says George Sturt reading about the prediction which brought on a feeling—a distinct sense of desolation & […]

to get the gist (R8)

to get the gist   of The Herald of the Coming Good— an appeal to Contemporary Humanity to prevent the manifestations of Tzvarnoharno (or ‘something’) which forms itself by seemingly natural process in the communal life of people as an outcome of the ill-considered actions of so-called common people and leads to the destruction of […]

What is book-learning? (R8)

Book-learning often has a bad press. Mere book-learning, they spit out between pursed lips… But it’s worth asking exactly what one does get from books… The short answer might be that it depends what you do with the words you ingest. The longer answer is, perhaps, that it all depends on what is happening to […]