Apologising for his change of mind in making his irrational decision to support the doomed Mayhem (boohoo!) and her dodgy deal (27th March 2019), drainpipe-hat Mogg says Brexit may now be a ‘process rather than an event’, suggesting it could take time to fully break away from Brussels. The general public will be as mystified by his high-sounding statement as they are by anything else that comes out of the intellectually bankrupt group of people who are supposed to be running the country.

By suddenly moving to accept something he had previously rejected in no uncertain terms, in such an unprincipled manner, what Mogg means is ‘at least it will get us out of Europe’ so that we, the oligarchs & millionaires, can take total control of amending the ‘socialist’ mistake of 1945. That is what it’s all about for the Tory Party who persist in peddling their ‘National Interest’ garbage.

As things are, Brexit is an abstract ‘event’: in the current debate it is, like ‘the will of the people’, and ‘control’, a meaningless abstraction which can only become meaningful when it is seen as a process (Moggy’s correct there), or, more precisely, described as part of a system, demonstrating that all actions have consequences:-The Iraq War which was (and is) seen as an ‘event’ rather than as ‘process’ – in the minds of unthinking people it has become an abstraction carrying no meaning, ignoring the process fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died for the sake of the Bush/Blair adventure for oil. Blood on their hands. If they’d had any intelligence, the politicians who voted for the Bush/Blair escapade might have been able before they voted so catastrophically to have done a systems analysis of consequences. It would have had a pattern similar to the above.

Politicians ignore systems thinking at their peril…

You can’t put an abstraction into wheelbarrow – there’s nothing to grab hold of. You can always illustrate a process, give it a concrete form; you can’t illustrate an abstraction – it has no shape or form.

Remaining in the EU goes like this:-It’s just like writing haiku! In itself ‘haiku’ is an abstraction which results in ‘meaning’ being tipped into it by any Tom, Dick or Cynthia – all manner of ludicrous examples result.

Haiku is a process one must be part of. The process goes like this:-

‘Creativity’ is another abstraction.

People who think it’s rather a fancy idea to be ‘creative’ part with their money to a ‘Creative Writing Tutor’ imagining that it’s a serial process:-

Creative Writing Tutor ➠ ➠ docile creative writer ➠ ➠ fame & fortune

I wonder if Shakespeare went to a Creative Writing Tutor. Maybe if he had done so he’d’ve written better plays.

You can make any abstraction become real when you exercise a bit of simple systems thinking:-

A bit remote from Mogg and his mob of fascists –
same principle though.
For all their toffee-nosed ‘education’,
the Power Possessing Millionaire Clique that rules us in dictator fashion
would understand none of this.


  1. Arghhh! I thought we might be immune to the B word here – but seriously though.

    I began to write a diatribe against Brexit (how has that even become a word) and all it stands for – but I scrubbed it out.

    I even went so far as to call the whole thing fraudulent – given the campaigns were both build on lies and the imaginings of the ill informed – not that the remain camp bothered much – just made the assumption that people would not be so stupid as to vote leave – and there in lies the nub of the problem. That single word Assume.

    Mrs Mayhem, says that she is trying to preserve the trust that the “British people” have put in “The Government” to deliver what they wanted. She’s evidently not very good a maths or is ignorant of the fact that there are way more than 17.5 million British People.

    The fact that various factions even within those who were “on the same side” were openly flaunting their predilection for back stabbing on order to get what they wanted. The terrible twins Boris and Michael being only two of the more obvious. Despite this public display of ruthless self seeking behaviour – overtly demonstrating that it would be wise never to trust them – neither of their political careers suffered in fact quite the reverse – with Boris the Zip Wire Buffoon being made Foreign Secretary!! And yet they remain members of parliament. The fact that they imagine that anyone has forgotten the expenses scandal – reason enough not to trust politicians who treat us like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and covered in the proverbial.

    The result of the referendum reflected 52% of those who voted – and in-fact represented 32.84% of the Electorate at the time – but hey! – we are a democracy and we must go with the majority! Okay – that’s the way it is here – BUT please STOP calling a minority of the electorate never mind the population THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

    Would there be a systemic thinking diagram of a different system of politics such as proportional representation.

    Or consequences for those who don’t vote – or consequences of immediate deselection for politicians who fail to deliver on what they promised to their electorate.

    Or what if there were rules to say ensure that a person can’t even become a politician until they have spent a year with a disadvantaged (in whatever way you chose) family with only an equivalent benefit payment to contribute, just so that they know first hand what it’s like to be in that position. A year struggling to make ends meet would surely leave more of a mark than 5 minutes. A year might just give them some understanding of what it does to your bones to be so poor that you are unable to put food on the table. I say this only because from what I can see, quite a few politicians haven’t even the remotest idea what it is like to be in that position or alternatively BLAME the persons who, for any number of reasons find themselves there – and see it as THEIR OWN FAULT!!!

    If they then chose to become a politician, they might like to concentrate their efforts on things that are a national disgrace in an economy ranked 20th in the world. (Of the 127 countries measured)

    It is a national disgrace that the number of children (of working parents) living in gross poverty is rising instead of falling along with the number of food banks.

    It is a national disgrace that the NHS is bankrupt, under resourced and mismanaged.

    It is a National disgrace that our schools are having to appeal to parents to provide books and basic equipment for their pupils.

    It is a National disgrace that so much land is owned by so few, depriving ordinary folk of the space to build houses.

    It is a National Disgrace that post code lotteries exist for housing opportunities, medical treatments and employment opportunities.

    It is a National disgrace that there are people living on the street. Especially those with mental health issues.

    There are so very many issues that Government ought, yes ought, to be dealing with; there are very many disparities in our society – Brexit is a GIANT distraction!

    And as for the shenanigans of the parliamentary process – don’t get me started. Oh you didn’t sorry!! In this day and age – there is no need for The Houses of Parliament – every MP could and should (yes should) work from home – home actually being in their constituency, so that they are both available and answerable to the people they are supposed to represent – their constituency being something other than a means to an end. – and home not some far flung place in the country where they remain insulated against the worst of what happens on their watch.

    Well that’s my rant of the day over with. I’m going to do a bit of digging!

    In the end, the final point I would make is that calling JR-M, Moggy, is to do a grave disservice to cats!

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