A Few Choice Sentences Just Won’t Do… On the other hand, this collection of articles & posters, done over the last couple of months, with mounting fury, probably won’t get much of a reading. However, the effort and making a commentary to fit it all together has got it off my chest, as it were. […]


Every second we are asking ourselves ‘virtual questions’. We don’t know we’re doing it till we know we are. ‘What shall I write next?’ is a question (VQ) that occurs to me right here. There’s a part of me that’s aware it’s asked that now of course – ‘Why have I just said that?’ (VQ) […]

One Hundred Haiku (August 2014 – February 2015)

sometimes wishing that God was real – this temple to the spirit (St Peter’s Colchester) * the light through the arched window green as the tree outside * digging deep to find the roots of summer bonfires * thrice starting to tell his life story – three times they return to theirs * four ceramic […]