The ROOM Series (R11)

I’ve just produced ROOM FIVE—a loose collection of philosophical, literary, anti-capitalist and anarchistic autobiographical ramblings. The series started in 2001 with a book, originally simply called ROOM,  that was supposed to be stand-alone but the book’s format and discipline has become a kind of obsession: ROOM SIX is in production and I have it in […]

Two Mid-winter Poems

these last few nights of clear skies & sudden gusts of wind when the moon has been more or less full on the dozing fields I am haunted by a question posed by the title of a book I’ve been reading: who built the moon? it sails around my midnight drawbridge up there outside the […]

The Knight of Faith (R11)

When you’re tackling a new set of ideas or coming to terms with a new way of thinking you can choose either to suspend disbelief or refuse to read on in a dismissive kind of way; on the sound Charles Fortian principle that anything dreamed up by human beings is worthy of consideration, I like […]