Poems – Spring 2013

              on an afternoon walk to Oddicombe Slope one ‘Monday the 7th’ in the 1930’s— sat at ease on a sandy bank in his holiday suit and polished boots   adjacent to a clump of spur valerian comfortable veined hands clasped like mine now sometimes with a balding smirk for […]


An Imaginary Beast Called ‘The Deficit’ There’s a Global Capitalist Conspiracy to reduce welfare and public services. Who knows where & when it started? Who is running it? What is its intention? Simple! To put even more money into the hands of the wealthy. One is beginning to notice the results: the wealthier are getting […]


The Previous Glob The Glob before this one, called Follow Your Bliss, had a sub-headline ‘Each of Us is a Completely Unique Creature…’ a quotation from the chapter entitled ‘The Hero’s Adventure’ in Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. His fundamental belief is that we are all unique in the way that we are heroes—but […]