Sixty-six Haiku/Senryu

curious how the black cat suddenly decides to duck the blue gate (1970) * Bury by train— cathedral & the old bookshop I used to haunt * horses in a sweep of hills rising up to many ridges of grey * sitting in sunlight this railway station again after a whole year * heron in […]


After I’d been working on my own with Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Bennett & Nicoll, for some years, gaining much practice in working with people in sessions devoted to what’s called ‘Accelerated Learning’, NLP and Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits’, I built myself a summerhouse out of the fragments from the renovation of an old house I bought—bricks, […]

More Found Poems

a huge moth-like thing fluttering round the sun for its candle likely to be eventually drawn into it and consumed so that the velocity changed into heat may cause the extinction of the human race due around 1897 says George Sturt reading about the prediction which brought on a feeling—a distinct sense of desolation & […]


Pat Mason has just read a series of inspiring blogs by Deepak Chopra. Becoming conscious is the only hope we have of living a useful and happy life so bring it on is what she says. Here is her summary of those blogs together with related thoughts on the nature of Authenticity. THE CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE […]