to get the gist (R8)

to get the gist


of The Herald of the Coming Good
an appeal to Contemporary Humanity
to prevent the manifestations of Tzvarnoharno
(or ‘something’) which forms itself by seemingly
natural process in the communal life of people
as an outcome of the ill-considered actions
of so-called common people
and leads to the destruction
of anybody who works for general human welfare
and the extinction of everything
they might already have accomplished

how much easier it is to identify something complex
if there’s just one word that stands for or encapsulates—
a process…  for instance—
it does not seem possible to easily get the notion of it clear
get on the inside of it unless there’s a single tag
to dangle on an event—
so Tzvarnoharno is—the something or other
in the human makeup that seems obliged to set going
the process whereby the force and degree
of an individual’s inner benevolence
evokes in others a proportionate degree of ill-will

also there’s the great need to prevent (or at least counteract)
the trait embedded in the human psyche that evokes
(in confrontation with more or less prominent people)
the functioning of the feeling of enslavement
which paralyses the capacity
for displaying personal initiative
which in turn causes at least part of
the Terror of the Situation—
we’re all locked in to Tzvarnoharno;
no individual action can put things right:
by definition the benevolent action of one person
to correct the functioning of Tzvarnoharno
will be seen by others as worthy of their ill-will
as an attempt to do good work; the democratic principle
of change for the better is doomed from the start


forming part of a prospectus of the new phase
of unremitting activity
for the welfare of my neighbours (says Mr G)
is an account of the growth of my irresistible mania
which started in youth with an irrepressible striving
to understand clearly the precise significance
of the life process on earth by reaction to
the entirely accidental circumstances
of my life (says G) when I found myself
in the presence of people whose psychic typicality
predisposed them never to lay themselves open
to experience but to content themselves
with other people’s fantasies forming from them
illusory conceptions and limiting themselves
solely to intercourse with those like them
automatising themselves to the point of
engaging upon authoritative discussions
of all kinds of seemingly scientific
but for the most part abstract & remote themes

I (says G) resembled them in outward manifestations
product as I was of the same abnormal conditions
but thanks to my father and my first tutor
by the time of my responsible age
there developed in my individuality
this peculiar trait of inevitable impulse
and striving to understand the very essence
of any object out of the ordinary
that attracted my attention
and by frequent repetition of certain defined
and automatically current associations
in the mind an engendering in my entirety
of what might be called irrepressible striving—
strange psychic factor!  penetrating even into
the marrow-of-my-bones so that after four or five years
I fell completely under its power—
it was like an itching itch—constantly compelling me
(or the separate parts of my general individuality)
to elucidate everything for the final solution
of these cardinal questions…

this self-stimulation by means of my consciousness
began to take place in me as a result of
experiencing in all my Being a peculiar feeling
a mixture of ‘self-satisfaction’ and ‘pride’
which arose in me whenever I made accidental
or only half-foreseen verifications of ever new
and new facts concerning people’s lives in general

in 1892 a restless factor reminded me
automatically of the aim I had set myself
and became persistently active in my Being
in almost every psychic state…

Great Nature had benevolently provided
all my family and me in particular (so they say)
with the highest degree of comprehension attainable:
from childhood I found I could elicit from people
their inmost sacred aims and intentions—
because of the peculiar conditions of my life
I had the possibility of gaining access to
the so-called holy of holies of nearly all
hermetic organisations—religious   philosophical
occult   political   &   mystical societies
congregations   parties   unions and so on
which were inaccessible to ordinary people:
I was able to exchange views with
innumerable people who were real authorities

I never lost hope that somewhere at some time
I would finally meet people who could at least
direct my state of mind to help me resolve
for myself the question of
how to get to the essence of things…
till 1892 absorbing all external impressions
and experiencing them inwardly
I occupied myself with this mania of mine
with all kinds of professions and handicrafts
on the one hand as a means of livelihood
but on the other hand to master
according to the capacity inherent in me
since childhood every possible kind of human craft
as yet unknown to me but chiefly to adapt myself
to the particular conditions of the moment—
conditions which I frequently changed
in order to realise my inner aim or mania

in 1892 I came to the conclusion that I would not
be able to find what I was looking for
among my contemporaries so I decided one day
to abandon everything and retire
for a definite period into complete isolation
away from all manifestations of the outer world
and by means of active reflections to attain
to this myself or think out new ways to do so

I became great friends with a street-barber
in Central Asia who helped me to gain access
to a monastery well-known among
the followers of the Mahometan religion—
after a talk with the brothers
about the nature & quality of human faith
that very evening I retired into isolation
and began meditating on my situation
and future conduct remembering and reviewing
all my already categorical convictions
I began to confront different facts
I personally had fully conceived
with all kinds of hypotheses and conjectures
I had heard from different authoritative people
who had attained to a state of being
corresponding to their knowledge

after three days I concluded that answers
to the question of the significance
of the life process on earth could only be found
in the sphere of subconscious mentation—
I would have to perfect my knowledge
of all the details of the formation
as well as the mechanism of the manifestation
of the general psyche and so for several days
I thought uninterruptedly about what I could do
to create requisite and satisfactory
worldly conditions to study this new problem

completely enslaved by these deliberations
I left the monastery
and began my wanderings again
with no definite plan of action
but uninterrupted peregrinations & intense reflection
eventually gave me a plan: I liquidated
my affairs and mobilised all my material
and other possibilities; I collected all kinds
of written literature and oral information
still surviving among certain Asiatic peoples
about Mehkeness—the taking-away-of-responsibility
an insignificant portion of which is called ‘hypnotism’—
in a certain Dervish monastery I devoted myself
to this study and after two years I adopted the role
of ‘healer’ of all kinds of vices in order to test
my theoretical studies and offering real relief
at the same time… I practised for four or five years
never using my knowledge and practical power
except for the sake of my investigations—
never for personal or egotistical ends
but I eventually concluded that the answer
must be sought not just in subconscious mentation
but also in various aspects of the manifestations
in the state of waking consciousness

thoughts began to swarm again in my mind
sometimes automatically   sometimes directed
by my consciousness—how should I adapt myself
to the conditions of ordinary life in order to answer
my abiding question?

I wandered in Asia Europe & Africa;
I offered myself as professor-instructor
in the tricks of the supernatural sciences—
I had realised that there was a widely prevalent
and specific psychosis long-established
amongst people abandoning themselves
to various woeful ideas in these spheres of
quasi-human knowledge: occultism
theosophism spiritualism and so forth

I met many people expert in evoking so-called
phenomena-of-the-beyond and I got the reputation
of being a great maestro in the circles—in
the workshops-for-the-perfection-of-psychopathism—
so many guinea-pigs for my experiments

but I decided to set up my own circle
on quite new principles: I wished to observe
representatives of all twenty-eight categories of types
existing on Earth as established in ancient times

this required enormous & almost superhuman effort
not to mention heavy expenditure—
three small groups in different cities…
not enough representatives of the 28…
not enough time…  two years before the so-called
Great War I settled in Moscow
and determined to set up an Institute there—
but World War destroyed all efforts
to set up this and other Institutes

after the War however I did set up
my Institute for Harmonious Development
in noble France where it existed without hindrance
until its liquidation following
my serious motor accident; the Prospectus
is worth noting in order to guard against
the something called ‘buffer-of-prejudice’

owing to certain almost imperceptible conditions
of ordinary life firmly rooted in modern civilisation
seeming to have become so to speak inevitable
in daily life—contemporary 3-brained beings
have gradually deviated from the natural type
they ought to have represented on account of
the sum total of the influences of place
and environment in which they were born
& reared and which under normal circumstances
without any artificial impediments would have
indicated by their very nature
for each individual the lawful path of development

so-called civilisation with its unlimited scope
in extending its influence has wrenched us
from the normal conditions in which we should be living

it is true that civilisation has opened up
new and vast horizons in technical mechanical
and many other so-called sciences
enlarging world perception but only certain sides
of Being have developed
to the detriment of others—there is an absence
of harmonious education—in fact certain faculties
of 3-brained Beings have been completely destroyed

this civilisation which should have been in all respects
like a good mother to her children has withheld
what should have been a progressive & balanced
development—so that instead of an accomplished
individual type—which historical data
show us to have been (some centuries ago)
one in common with Nature and the environment
generating us—there developed a being
uprooted from the soil
unfit for life
a stranger to all normal conditions of existence

one-sided education provides
that our perceptions & manifestations
are not the conscious expression of our Being
as a whole but represent only the results
of automatic reflexes of one or another part
of the general entirety…

the general psyche of moderns is split into
three completely independent entities
separate in function & manifestation
whereas even in Babylonian times
in most people there was one indivisible whole—
the common repository of all perceptions—
the radiating centre of their manifestations

instead the one-sided education of moderns
results in the separation of the source
of intellectual life
from the source of emotional life
from the source of motor/instinctual life

independent outward functions dependent on
outer subjective conditions
intellectual emotional and instinctive
motor functions travelling along different roads
which rarely meet permitting little leisure
for obtaining true ‘consciousness’—
a word altogether wrongly used by moderns

so there are three individuals in
the first of whom thinks in complete isolation
from the one who feels
in complete isolation from the one who acts
according to established or accidental reflexes
of organic function—
the three were deliberately shaped by Great Nature
to compose one complete whole
as Mr G describes the fully functioning human-being

each of the three individuals in one
dominates the others in moments of intensive action
and appears to be master of the situation
thus usurping the role of Real-I

we are not master even of ourselves;
we do not act of our own accord
but only when stimulated by external irritations

we do not think—
something thinks for us;
we do not act—
something acts for us;
we do not create—
something is created through us;
we do not achieve—
something is achieved through us

in a newly-born the three parts of the psyche
are like a system of blank gramophone rolls
on which begin to be recorded the external significance
of objects and the subjective understanding
of their inner significance;
including the sense of the results of all actions
in the outer world and in the inner world—
a correspondence between the nature of actions
and the nature of the distinct systems that form themselves
in the psyche—the results so recorded
remain unchanged for life on each of these depository rolls—
what’s recorded falls into three categories:
one category consists of associations formed by
impressions perceived involuntarily—
directly from the outer world and from the inner world
resulting from prior constant and automatically
repeated associations;

a second category
is formed by voluntarily perceived impressions
either springing from the external world
or crystallising in the inner world
by deliberate thinking and verifications of reality

the third category
originates exclusively from the process of so-called
transformed contemplation
the confrontation of homogeneous impressions
of all origins already fixed while continuous contact
is maintained between inner & separate Centres

consciousness is made up of three definite capacities
of manifestation formed out of and determined by
the associations of impressions with their origin
in one of the three categories of recorded impressions

the highest and most desirable state of consciousness
relies exclusively on
associations of previously perceived impressions
of the third category

the second state of consciousness is made up of
associations of voluntarily perceived impressions
of the second category

the third state of consciousness
is that which these moderns imagine to be
the waking-state-of-consciousness—
what they call the highest state—
which is simply the product of constantly repeated
involuntarily & accidentally perceived
artificially created and learnt-by-rote
impressions of the first category—
that is to say from memory
judgement   reasoning and thinking—
no more than an automatic crystallisation
resulting from so-called concentrated efforts
which go by the high-sounding name of ‘attention’

such already crystallised and automatically perceived
impressions are nothing more than
the result of previously repeated
and accidental impressions—
an automatic reviewing in various combinations
of the oft-repeated experiences
of so to speak antiquated impressions:
impulses thoughts feelings
words convictions beliefs & deeds
made up exclusively
from the material of such impressions
in their various combinations
crystallised in one’s entirety

no one Centre in the possessor of such a consciousness
can add anything of its own—nothing new
to the combinations so formed
nor can any one Centre off its own bat
even when operating at its moment
of greatest intensity draw on material formed
in other Centres

this is the one-sidedness which has to be tackled
in order for the three parts
demanding separate education
to be harmoniously united

since each one of us has developed uniquely
according to the place and time of our birth
the work of re-education
has to be an individual project

all the faults in the functioning of the human machine
are the result of specific conditions of ordinary life
and they increase with time
so that repairs can only be effected by unique struggle—

we cannot do this on our own—
individual needs and peculiarities
have to be identified to which as individuals we are blind

in addition to which the machine has its own equilibrium
so that a change of one component
will affect all the others—
the machine is a system—
change one bit of a system and everything shifts

a guide is necessary—
one who can stand outside the system
in a determined meta-position

then a special line-of-work has to be made
for each person individually—
work corresponding to those parts
of an abnormally constructed psyche
the automatic activity of which is to be developed
or diminished

in the Institute for Harmonious Development
particular attention was paid to individuals
who demonstrated certain symptoms—
weakness of will
unreasonable fears
a sense of continual fatigue
apathy irritability obesity
substance abuse

founded in 1921 the Institute did not last long
owing to G’s near fatal motor accident
which put paid to it

thereafter (said Mr G) I determined to become
a ‘standard writer’ and some months after
my accident when I became certain that I would live
and when all the former crystallised functions
and the established tempo & the intensive activity
of my spirit day by day began to be more or less
(while my physical body remained quite helpless
producing disharmony of body & spirit)
I determined on an intention to spread the essence
of my ideas by means of literature
in spite of the untrustworthiness & vicious idleness
of those I had specially prepared for the purpose

at first my dictations were intended as short scenarios
for theatre or cinema—every day
I baked a new scenario

my not-to-be-trifled-with enthusiasm
resulted in the re-establishment
of the disharmonised functions of my physical body
which proceeded in an accelerated tempo

we went to Paris by car and paid an astronomical sum
to see a film called The Two Brothers—some nonsense
that was the pick-of-the-season

the focus of my sight was not yet re-established
so I had to fix on things sometimes with one eye
and sometimes with the other

the popularity of the spectacle was entirely due
to the herd-instinct especially prevalent today
and at the close of this general hypnotic process
I gradually regained my calm—
calm enough to produce the outline of a scenario
called The Three Brothers
which stood in my scenario
for the three parts of our entirety:
the physical body
the mental body
and the astral body

the resulting dialogue represented
& reconciling

for three or four months says Mr G
being obliged owing to my general weakness to dictate
I concocted fragments of scenarios representing
episodes in the lives of different people
but then I began to write for myself
and having read aloud a scenario
based on a creation legend I had heard in childhood
and having made Beelzebub the witness and principal hero
I perceived that this would be a rich source
for points of departure
for an easy comprehension of explanations
of various facets of my ideas
and so I decided to cease writing scenarios
and embark upon a master work


by meticulous observation you begin to notice
growth points—starting points for learning:
having for example general pre-dispositions
for developing impulses of
organic shame
awareness of mortality
and a pre-disposition enabling conscious eradication
of previously rooted weaknesses in individuality
due to abnormal surroundings—
you can begin to notice growth points…

gathering evidence of having had
suitable established conditions of ordinary life
together with the ability to attain
some definite perspectives for the future
and an awareness of one’s own Nothingness
with a pre-disposition to transform from Nothingness
into the definite Something which one ought to be
according to one’s own tranquilly meditated understanding
—this is the groundwork

the fundamental cause of almost all the misunderstandings
arising in the inner world and in the communal life of people
is this psychic factor
formed during the preparatory age
on account of wrong education
of every stimulation that gives birth
to the impulses of vanity & self-conceit


any personal interview with me
(concludes Mr G)
is only possible
after preliminary correspondence with my secretaries

One thought on “to get the gist (R8)

  1. in addition to which the machine has its own equilibrium
    so that a change of one component
    will affect all the others—
    the machine is a system—
    change one bit of a system and everything shifts

    Thanks for using line-breaks Colin, it opens things up for me. The small section above seems true, as the machine will always give us a degree of resistance based on the task at hand. This bodily inertia set in motion so long ago seems happy to keep us all in a deep sleep. The saving grace of G’s system(that’s not a system) is the amount of energy we can gather from practicing certain exercises. I don’t think Colin’s system is a system either, though there are components of systemic thinking, feeling, and moving, it is mostly left up to the individual to explore bits and pieces, and to discover for themselves how it all works for them. There is an “I” in me that understands that humble “I” is required here. Yes help is required, and that is where risk taking “I” comes into play. This organism my I’s walk around in is full of scars, they’re all over different parts of my body, inside and out. It’s also full of wonderful health and vitality, in the centre of those two extremes life opens into a new country. I have no desire to stop poetry, or walking along rivers, or lazily sitting beneath my favorite large maple, or lying on my back and looking up.


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