The Art of Artful Vagueness (R8)

Reflections after Reading Certain Pages in JGBennett’s Talks on Beelzebub’s Tales (Samuel Weiser Inc 1993 (second printing, pages 60-65) ISBN 0-87728-680-9 In these pages, Bennett talks about what, in relation to Milton Erickson’s style, has in quite recent years come to be called ‘Artful Vagueness’. What Bennett says can be used more generally to assess […]

Staggering Statistics (R8)

If They Had Anything about Them the Super-rich would Annihilate the So-called Deficit Overnight… But they and their representatives have successfully fooled us into thinking that we are living in a time of Austerity with the endless promise that Good Times are round the corner. I well remember Stafford Cripps, then Chancellor, saying just this […]

The Home of the Inner Life (R8)

I’m a sucker for rescuing from second-hand book shops old books that nobody else ever reads; apart from an overwhelmingly sentimental feeling for neglected things, neglected books & authors, neglected music, neglected children, dogs & cats, old houses & their neglected gardens, it seems to me that there is strength & bouyancy in all neglected […]

Iceland has Gone Wild! (R8)

Austerity is Not the Norm …the Icelandic economy is recovering faster and more effectively than any other economy… Google ‘Iceland’s Revolution’ and think about what you find there… You won’t have heard about it unless you’re a keen observer of the Icelandic scene. I’m not. But idly picking up something from Facebook the other day […]

Systems Thinking and The Fourth Way (R7)

You find something very complex. We often do. An explanation, a theory, the drift of an argument… No doubt underneath it all there’s something very simple going on. There usually is, but when somebody finds the simplicity of it and makes an attempt to reduce things to some kind of careful order they are often […]

Many Passions… (R7)

…for people, places, music, books and particular writers. Some writers I discovered more than fifty years ago quite by chance have remained solid and unchanging reference points for making sense of my life. Hilaire Belloc, for example—‘The Mowing of a Field’ in an old book of essays. Sturt, Chesterton, Lynd… Reading ‘The Mowing of a […]