Fireflies 9

Poems of Rabindranath Tagore 9

the same sun is newly born in new lands
in a ring of endless dawns;
God’s world is ever renewed by death…
a Titan’s ever crushed by its own existence

glow-worm exploring the dust
never knows that stars are in the sky

the tree is of today; the flower is old—
it brings with it the message
of immemorial seed

each rose that comes brings me greetings
from the Rose of an eternal spring;
my love of today finds no home
in the nest deserted by yesterday’s love

fire of pain traces for my soul
a luminous path across her sorrow;
grass survives the hill
through its resurrection from countless deaths

thou hast vanished from my reach
leaving an impalpable touch
in the blue of the sky
an invisible image
in the wind
moving among shadows

in pity for the desolate branch
spring leaves to it
a kiss that fluttered in a lonely leaf;
shy shadow in the garden
loves the sun in silence;
flowers guess the secret and smile
while the leaves whisper

Rabindranath Tagore (1928)

2 thoughts on “Fireflies 9

  1. Science, Schopenhauer declares, is concerned with the laws of cause and effect, which are not the object of art. History is concerned with motivation: motivation is not the object of art. Art is informed by the contemplation of the object in its character as “idea” : not as a “concept” abstracted by the intellect, but as a thing regarded in and of itself, dissociated from the temporal flow of causal laws. “And this general stream has been but the least vanishing particle, becomes, when so regarded, an epiphany of the whole, equivalent to the entire unending manifold of time.”
    This way of seeing is the way of genius, the way of art, the way of perfect objectivity, the way of the world eye, and is not to be confused either with intellectual abstraction or with allegorical reference. But for those unable to bear its impact, which annihilates protecting, self-advancing biological-political individual, the consequence is madness.

    Isn’t Gurdjieff’s idea of divided attention a way of holding two views simultaneously, but that we are only able to do this for short periods of time because of a lack of energy, or a certain quality of energy? The Schopenhauer quote above came from Joseph Campbell’s book, Creative Mythology.


  2. the same sun is newly born in new lands
    in a ring of endless dawns

    I find this rivetting…

    I must have been about three when I asked my father why the sky stayed up there, didn’t fall in on us. He told me that ever so far away there were pillars that kept it up. All my life I’ve been searching for the pillars, knowing I’d never find them but persisting nevertheless.

    Divided attention. Ah yes, thanks Patrick. The shadows and the light.

    an invisible image
    in the wind
    moving among shadows


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