Fanfare for Fenland

Recent sample of my home-spun music

This was written for the opening of Colchester’s brilliant new cultural centre First Site. It was a brass quintet of the first order!

5 thoughts on “Fanfare for Fenland

  1. OK on the third time of listening I began to get images of the long road by the channel peopled by psychedelic medieval troupes converging Copland-like in some Peter Greenaway film scene.


  2. For me, the experience is being tossed and turned amongst the intensities of life, while at the same time evoking an awareness of the stillness at my centre. Advance and retrench!


  3. Summer, in fact May’s brilliant blue skies.
    Life’s evident business hithering, thithering and scurrying by
    yet still time for moments of stillness.
    folky jolliness of the maypole underpinning and interwoven
    joyous cacophony coming to stillness with a resonating sigh


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