Chance (R7)

Last night, having just finished reading a book that took me quite a long time to read & digest, I pulled a book off the shelves of my library that I knew would be a quick read by contrast. I read it some time ago; I like its style and the style of its companion […]

Found Poems (R7)

Preamble About thirty years ago I became stuck in this double-bind: while I was spending time reading I had the feeling that I was wasting time when I could have been writing; while I was focussed on writing I developed the trance of feeling that writing was getting in the way of reading. When you’re […]

From ‘Pseudo-Clarities’

somehow nature performs an alchemical feat— it has genes to support this fragile structure of unique experience—emergent property of DNA;    it’s the senseless universe’s way of becoming conscious of itself: our eyes exist to help the universe to see just what it looks like in moonlight & in high summer;  our ears help it to […]

I often find myself (R6)

I often find myself dipping into Gurdjieff’s Meetings with Remarkable Men or watching the brilliant film with Alf Garnett playing the part of Gurdjieff’s dad. Then I start to think about how to make an answer to the question What is a Remarkable Person? And what is it that counts as a meeting with them? […]

Accidental Living (R6)

Life is an accident waiting to happen; it happens in the only way it can otherwise it would be different… (From My Notebook—13th November 2011) It seems, it feels, as though, in this time long before sunrise, that I am the only person in the universe who might respond to a sentence in Gabriel Garcia […]