Living Axioms (R6)

What is it that informs the decisions you make, the reactions you have to your experiences? How do you store the events of your life so that you can create patterns of meaning and begin to learn from them? What is it that creates your internal guide for a coordinated system of responses to people […]


I was fiddling around with the structure of an exercise to do with getting rid of Negative Emotion—the kind of thing that gets in the way of what we want to achieve. Doesn’t happen very often, of course, but it can be pretty debilitating when it does. It could be adapted to help people cope […]

in these far-off days

a crow appears to be a peacock a trough of water    an inland sea harsh clattering masquerades as music enmity as goodwill insults as loving kindness the demolition of welfare as a caring Big Society and so on and so forth when the chewing of poppy-seeds was forbidden with relentless severity the incidence of chewing […]

Two January Poems

what lesson are you playing truant from now? she asks—with your ever-present air of intense superiority— not truancy—he says—but in contemplating the exquisite atmosphere in your tale I am defeated for want of a key— across my vision (there it is again) silhouetted against the blue of the sparkling sea    a warm caress… but I […]

Poems at the Turn of the Year

once again I find myself wearily pointing it out (so often in the company of those consumed by the Modern Way into flogging themselves silly for seventy hours a week to line other people’s pockets) that the Ancient Greek root of the word ‘school’ means ‘leisure’— the opportunity to sit around making a slow sense […]

A Gigantic System of Systems (R6)

The Enneagram In the gigantic system of systems known as the Enneagram which depicts nine basic personality types and countless sub-types which I prefer to call ‘fixations’ since what is fixated can always be unfixed—which is the object of the system’s dynamic—I settle for the time being on defining myself as a ‘hoarder’; of musical […]