Another Two Poems

as when you might read some adventure story for the sake of the plot or watch telly because there’s nothing else to do and you know that consciousness becomes flat like a bottle of lemonade left open for a day but oh the hissing champagne-quality of consciousness when you are excited by ideas or moved […]

Two More Poems

to weigh an anchor was once a matter of pushing a capstan & singing a song while on top of it sat a man playing the fiddle or the flute or some other instrument of music you & I have seen it in pictures; our sons will say that they wish they had seen it […]

Patterns of Behaviour (R6)

The question is: How do we really enter into another person’s position, child, parent, work colleague, friend in need, being able to set aside the contamination that comes from our mechanical reliance on our own point of view? …When you really remember yourself you understand that others are machines just like you are. And you […]