The Figure of Eight (R6)

The dynamic concept of the Figure of Eight was introduced in my Blog ‘Somatic Markers’ dated 16th November. The bottom half of the Figure of Eight represents the ground of our being—core self—that which we can become more aware of in meditative exercises of one kind or another: the rush of blood in the ears, […]

HAIKU – another fifty-one

walking now where those who passed the café window walked ten minutes ago * from the train window glimpses of village streets I shall never tread * brief conversation at breakfast during which a whole life is aired * longing for the fountains that play in other people’s gardens (Fernando Pessoa) * today a colony […]

Three Poems (R6)

the soul can either build of itself a work of art or sit and watch the Barbarian inversion of old certitudes— mask of Evil that entices into the wilderness of the future; or it rides out of the Wasteland tramples the vineyards demolishes the shrines giving over soil to sand and the mind to this […]

Reconstructing Experience (R6)

Experience is what’s happening right now + what we seem to think happened in the past—the story we tell ourselves. In fact, as soon as things have happened they become part of the story, part of experience, part of what we like to call ‘memory’. It’s called ‘learning ’… But there is no such thing […]


It’s often recommended that in order to operate effectively at all levels in the world one needs to be firmly in the present moment. The recommendation often comes without practical guidance. A pleasant and painfree way to be firmly in the present is to write haiku. The habit of haiku-writing keeps one centred in the […]

Somatic Markers (R6)

The Figure of Eight When I first read The Feeling of Now by Antonio Damasio, working hard to understand what seemed absorbing but rather dense, I doodled a diagram in order to get things into some perspective. The basic Figure of Eight construction I started with remains, but it’s undergone several changes since I first […]

philosophers exist (R6)

to ask questions not to answer them; the more unsolved problems they have on their hands the better they are doing their job; the gibes of so-called practical people completely miss the point— when scientists give answers it’s because philosophers have asked the questions in the first place to so-called practical people a tree is […]


I came across this quotation from Lao Tzu (whom one might regard as an ancient Chinese C Influence): When I let go of who I am, then I become who I might be… It may seem very presumptuous to tangle with one of the great thinkers of all time but another great thinker, Gurdjieff, said, […]


RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN PEOPLE —LOOKED AT FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THEIR FIXATIONS This is based on elements reported to me; it goes into an invented Case Study freely elaborated with amendments by the willing reporter. A whole big study is waiting to be done so as to draw up the ramifications of Fixation-relatedness. Nothing […]