By the Apprentice Leader This was first written in 2008. It seems appropriate to re-issue it now in part because I’ve been invited back to Denmark to do another haiku workshop in January. It does quite usefully, I hope, record a way of using the ‘bits of paper’ exercises’ and the accompanying spiel and the […]

Discrimination (R6)

It was cheap and had an alluring title: Who am I? by His Holiness Shantanand Saraswati, whom the Study Society’s Dr Roles (who knew Ouspensky) first met in 1961.  ( I like to buy things I’ve never heard of just for the surprise they create, the accidental things you may discover—books by authors previously unknown, […]

anywhere you go

when once you have in your mind the sound of the sea you can be again back in the body of the paddling boy watching his father swimming out towards the horizon land-locked in towns with flashing lights all night long through the crack in the curtains suddenly comes the swash of the sea against […]


STATES AND ‘MULTIPLE-I’S Starting Point Reading-I is deep in Antonio Damasio’s Descartes Error. Getting to page 87 it came across this:- In the discussion ahead there are many references to ‘body states’and ‘mind states’. Living organisms are changing continuously, assuming a succession of ‘states’, each defined by varied patterns of ongoing activity in all of […]