So you want to be able to think in a different way? My experience of working with groups suggests that starting to do that can often prove to be a bit of a shock to the system: creased foreheads, eyes looking up to heaven, a shrug of the shoulders… I suggest that the first choice […]


I think it’s reallyimportant to keep going over the characteristics of what I take to be my Fixation and to work at strategies for unfixing things. For example, I identify strongly with 5/4—a practised expert over many years at Being uniquely & wistfully melancholic and only too happy to Withdraw into a bookish world. Assuming […]


One-man Bands and Silver-painted Spooks on Pedestals I’m a sucker for standing & watching street entertainers: particularly one-man bands and silver-painted spooks on pedestals; perhaps they hold up a mirror to myself. I’m also an unrepentant sucker for simple jokes which I hoard for the grandchildren. “Tell us the one about the camel,” they demand—but […]